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What I see is the coming of Oneness

What I see is my vision of Oneness

 I see in the hearts and minds of the people a powerful longing for love, and anxiousness to love, care for and share with others. I see a need for individual recognition with all his/her virtues and defects.

I see that the strong current of ambition, greed, hate, avarice, prejudices, egotism, and envy are in its last leap. The old philosophy that an elite group holding all wealth and power had to run nations and societies is coming to end. I hear a tremendous cry, a demand, for reliable equality, justice and fairness for each independent of origins. I see a world coming up where human differences will close, and feelings of solidarity with helping hands will be the common denominator holding the human race together, securely and safely.

I see a global environment of diminishing resources correlating with increasing world population, and increasing cost of living; this global scenario is creating unsustainable, precursory circumstances and conditions pushing people into thinking that only by caring and sharing the human race can continue. There is a genuine tendency to go out and help others.

I also see shocking struggles coming because living a life in deprived conditions is less worthy than death, and people do not want to die. I hear thoughts that if the human race is disappearing through poverty and deprivation, it is better die fighting to overcome such conditions; may be some other can live in dignity and decorum. I realize that technology has given people a higher freedom of speech, a privilege to communicate in real time. This condition is bringing people together against the evils of their own societies.

I see that the American Dream is not only the vision of the people of this nation, but the aim of each nation of the world; I see the people of foreign nations rebelling, demanding the principles of the American Dream for their nations.

This is the direction I see. This is the way, in my opinion, people of this country and nations of the world follow. The time when the people of this nation, and the people of all nations will live in peace, united, sharing and caring their true love. MAS –

Absolute Knowledge

Is there Absolute Knowledge?

It is amazingly and awesomely to understand and experience the reality of music. There are only seven notes in a chromatic scale, and the possible range of the human voice there are three or four scales, from C4 [1 C below Middle C] to C7 [2 Cs above Middle C]. In total, if one counts flats and sharp scales, there are 15 scales, 7 flats, 7 sharps and the middle C. Of course, there more details of sound and music in the world.

It is amazingly and awesomely to think that this provision of sounds, in notes and scales, as well as the combination of notes in melodies, had been there, [possibilities thereof] before any man wrote the first arrangement. This is an apriority knowledge provided to humans, and bird and other animals.

Most musical arrangements and songs we hear, exist within that range throughout the history of mankind; the combinations of notes, rhythms and harmonies, can only occur in certain ways. These certain ways or global rules have been there always waiting for people’s consciousness to grow up to the level of understanding those rules. But the above applies to the narrow band of frequencies the human ear may detect or hear…but if musical harmony, cadence and rhythm exist in this audible band, could it be possible that there is other music in the frequency bands man cannot hear?

I love music; indeed I do, and I learned composers hear the music in an orchestral arrangement of instruments even before they produce the scores. Such orchestral arrangements, compositions, are eternal, they have been there before writing, and will be there even if no one composes them.

Can one deny that there is Absolute Knowledge, one that provides the essential specifications for the world to experience music? Therefore, if Absolute Knowledge is true, and only God can have a perfect knowledge, then, may we assume there is GOD? MAS –

Dichotomy of Knowledge

It is certain that the unknown is more than the known. The known expands onto the unknown continuously and progressively since the human mind started reasoning. This is the dichotomy of knowledge, known and unknown, but the infinite continuum of knowledge includes both. The unknown is infinite and it is always dark until the light of human reasoning shines on it. Science expands the realm of the known onto the realm of the unknown, as we walk life. Science nibbles the surface of the new with tools based on what we know and under the light-lens of current reality. Thus, we discover new knowledge helping us understanding better what was already learned. No one can say, absolutely, that an object or subject does not exist just because he or she cannot explain it, and beliefs come to explain. Beliefs waive reality-tests accepting the unknown as fact. This is so because there is no reality terms applicable to the definition of what one does not know; what one does not know has not reached the status of known reality. Man’s accumulated awareness only manages the spherical perimeter of man’s knowledge’s horizon. That is, man explains reality with knowledge and tools of current evolution status, and hypothesizes the rest. MAS –



Musa de poetas y escritores
Creatura única con especial destino
Eres Jarabe de amor a mis dolores
La fuerza que me impulsa en mi camino

Eres misericordia, discreta, divina
Eres manantial, vertiente de vida
Símbolo de amor, abnegación prístina
Tus secretos, discreta, cohibida

Luego tu belleza, se asoma, adormece
Sutil encanto de tu voz un arruyo
Penetrante substancia que crece
En mi alma, sentimientos, un murmullo

Tu silueta, tu forma, tu mirada, tu altivez
Tu orgullo, tus caprichos, la ternura
Tu finesa, delicadeza, una y otra vez
Reflejadas en tu alma con dulzura

Hermana, compañera, esposa, amiga
Pendiente, cuidando lo tuyo, celosa
Eres lo máximo, mujer, Dios te bendiga
Tu alma, mirada, por lo que eres, preciosa.

Por ese ser que me hace palpitar
La luz que encuentro aquí en mi oscuridad
Aquella misma ensenándome a amar
y beso a beso escribe mi felicidad

Si tú no fueras la vida misma no seria

Sois la esencia de ella, eres madre
De muchas vidas, incluyendo la mía
Sin ti no habría un hombre ni habría padre.

© – “Mujer” por Miguel Angel Soto Flores
Stanton, California USA – 8 de Marzo de 2014.